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Value Platinum

Every Sheet of BWP Marine Plywood produced from our factory is of the highest quality conforming to the marine grade IS 710. This plywood is 72 hours boiling waterproof. the plywood is treated with highly durable preservatives which makes it totally borer and termite free.

This is the best plywood in its category. Value platinum is made under stringent quality management system which makes it the best for the use of paneling kitchens and bathrooms and hoardings. The plywood is so durable to come with 10 years of warranty and made from international standards. The Value Platinum is versatile to suit all kind of environment.Value Platinum Plywood’s thickness is available in mm of 4,6,8,12,15 and 18.

Special features of Value Platinum:

  • Marine grade as per IS 710
  • 72 hours boiling water proof
  • Termite and borer free
  • 10yrs warranty
  • Consistent quality
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