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Deluxe is a 40 year old brand catering to the wood interior industry. Deluxe as on date under the leadership of Mr.Sunil Ajbani ( Chairman ) and Mr.Jeetu Ajbani ( Mg.Director ) has expanded by Volumes , with their Vision and Foresight, the group has brought in various Exotic designs from across the Globe. With their Passion Towards Excellence and committed Perfection with Transparency and Integrity. We provide not only products, but also customized solutions to turn one - Time buyers to lifetime customers.

Deluxe veneer has been on an expedition around the globe in a passionate discovery of the best and most unique veneer species in the world. With our expertise and over a decade of experience, we source you the finest and the latest trends of veneers from across the globe.

Deluxe is known for our extensive range and the finest quality of natural wood veneers. With our expertise and our access to the best veneer companies in the world we bring you the latest and the best quality of veneers from all over the world. Having a dedicated veneer showroom and stocks of over 2 million sq. ft. of natural wood veneer, we offer you a wide range of over 500 variants of veneers from across the World. We also offer you super exotic and exclusive species selected by us to give your design the extraordinary. These species are the most beautiful unique specimens created by nature which have been specially chosen from lumber full of character and natural charm, which are then processed into high quality veneers.

With our expertise team and over a decade of experience, we guarantee you the finest and latest trends of veneers from time to time at your doorstep.

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